The People Behind Fastglass LLC

There are many technology companies in the world, thousands upon thousands. Differentiating yourself from the rest of the herd is not a trivial task. Fastglass LLC brings for skill sets that create a complex mixture of experience not often found in technology companies and never found in a small business.

Fastglass LLC combines the experience of two college friends that met at the University of Alabama in the School of Engineering, both working on their degrees in Mechanical Engineering - yes we are actually originally Mechanical Engineers! After finishing their Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering they went separate paths in graduate school. Scott Weiss went on to get an MBA from the University of Alabama Business School while Brady Owens decided to start working on a Masters in Mechanical Engineering focusing on computer modeling.

Wind forward to the present day and both Scott and Brady have spent the majority or most of their career in IT. Scott has spent time in the R&D, Telecommunications, and Financial Services industries, developing expertise in UI development, large-scale data analysis, and leading international development teams. While Brady did work for seven years as an Avionics Engineer, he learned management of massively expansive projects valued at as little as $10,000 to $1 Billion.

With the combination of our diverse experiences, we are well equipped to bring unique solutions to the wide range if issues modern businesses face.

Brady Owens


Scott Weiss