Swing Surgeon

Complete Business Process Outsourcing


Swing Surgeon LLC came to us with the need to do a full outsourcing of their business operations. Fastglass was more than willing to help with this need.

Fastglass developed a full BPO solution starting with Drupal 7, Drupal Commerce, and other open source technologies as the base for operations for fulfilling customer orders. Securely hosted using Amazon AWS services, the application has the following features that allows for a highly performing E-Commerce application:

  • Publication of a video blog that give tips and tricks related to the swing technique taught in the instruction products.
  • Email marketing to the roughly 100,000 user base through integration with Delivra, resulting in sending approximately 32 million emails per year.
  • Secured streaming video delivery through the use of Amazon Cloudfront. Fulfillment of physical product orders through integrations with Disk.Com to allow for automated order completions.


Using these techniques, Swing Surgeon is able to focus on the business of golf and leave the technical stuff to us.